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Looking for ways to keep your landscape healthy?

A Beautiful Landscape Starts With Healthy Plants

We'll monitor your landscape, trees, and turf for signs of distress and implement preventive measures that head off problems BEFORE they occur.


Healthy, Lush & Beautiful

Pest & Disease Management

Landscape plants in South Florida are affected by many naturally occurring diseases and destructive insect pests that can be detrimental to their health, or even lethal. Before these issues can be addressed, it's important to correctly diagnose the problem. Only then can the right treatments and prevention plans be put in place to save your plants.

The Plant Health Solutions team at Dias Brothers Landscape Services can diagnose what disease(s) may be present and recommend options to help keep your plants and landscape healthy.

Fertilization & Soil Amendment

The health of every plant depends on the health of the soil in which it's rooted, including the availability of soil nutrients, organic matter, and living micro-organisms. However, these can be depleted over time and through poor landscaping practices, compromising the health and appearance of your landscape.

Our fertilization programs are designed to replace lost nutrients and improve biological activity in the soil.

Many recently-planted trees and landscape plants, as well as those under stress from weather or environmental conditions, pests, or disease, will benefit from a well-designed fertilization program.

Pet-Safe & Environmentally Friendly

Rather than indiscriminately spraying your entire property, we target only the affected areas to avoid over-application of chemicals and pesticides.

Contrary to popular belief, "more" is not "better". We use enough to be effective without overdoing it, thereby keeping your costs down and minimizing the risk of pests and pathogens developing resistance to treatment.

If you prefer, we can apply natural and organic-based materials, or other reduced-risk materials, to treat specific pests and diseases. We also offer natural and organic-based fertilizers and soil amendments that "feed" the soil, not just your plants.

Want to learn more about our plant health care services?

From pest and disease identification to treatment and ongoing monitoring, we'll keep your plants looking their best.

WHY HIRE DIAS BROTHERS FOR Plant Health Care Services?

We always perform a thorough site inspection to evaluate plant health conditions and emerging or potential problems

You'll get personalized recommendations -our programs are never a "one size fits all" approach

We use targeted applications to treat only the affected plants, saving you money and avoiding any unnecessary chemicals

Complete programs that include site inspections, plant health evaluations, pest and disease diagnosis, treatment plans, and ongoing management



We can help your homeowner's association with all of your landscaping needs, no matter how big or small.

Working with the HOA board and residents, we'll develop a landscape maintenance plan for your community that fits within your budget while providing the premium landscaping services you're looking for.

Aside from the regular monthly maintenance, we can help you develop a capital improvement plan to address other needs in your community, such as tree trimming and removal, mulching, landscape upgrades, planting, and other property improvements. With landscape designers on staff, the Dias team can create a long-term plan for updating or renovating sections of grounds in your community to create an updated, upscale appearance that will be attractive to both new and existing homeowners.

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DIAS BROTHERS Plant Health Care

For a Beautiful, Healthy landscape

Our insect pest control, plant disease management, and landscape fertilization services are available to communities in the Broward and South Palm Beach County area, including but not limited to: Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Manalapan, Town of Gulfstream, Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale, Hillsboro Beach, Harbor Isles, and Ocean Ridge.